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Tin traininguri in cadrul Human Invest pe teme de leadership development. Programele cele mai dragi si pe care le livrez cel mai mult sunt:

Leadership Situational II®

– este dedicat managerilor care vor sa aiba angajati mai performanti si mai motivati

– ii ajuta pe managerii care vor sa creasca frecventa si calitatea delegarii

– a fost recunoscut de doua ori consecutiv ca “Cel mai creativ program de training al anului” in Romania

– este un program sub licenta Ken Blanchard Companies, adus in Romania in 2004

– are la baza unul dintre cele mai raspandite modele de leadership la nivel mondial (peste 10 milioane de utilizatori)

– peste 6.500 de manageri romani au invatat acest model in ultimii 6 ani

– livrez programul in romana sau engleza, de peste 8 ani

Leadership Situational in Echipa™

– unul dintre rezultatele participarii la curs este intelegerea “butoanelor” care afecteaza productivitatea si moralul echipei si cum poti sa “apesi” pe ele

– se bazeaza pe doua modele  – Fazele Echipelor (Tuckman) si Leadership Situational II

– are o componenta de lucru pe 3 instrumente de evaluare a performantei echipei si una de coaching de echipa

– este dedicat managerilor care vor sa isi imbunatateasca performanta si moralul echipei

– este un program sub licenta Ken Blanchard Companies

– livrez cursul in romana sau engleza, de 2 ani

Leadership Situational Individual™

– unul dintre rezultatele participarii la curs este cresterea initiativei si a responsabilitatii

– porneste de la acelasi model de succes – Leadership Situational II

– este dedicat angajatilor sau managerilor care vor sa isi imbunatateasca relatia cu seful lor

– este un program sub licenta Ken Blanchard Companies

– livrez cursul in romana sau engleza, de 7 ani

Leadershipul Schimbarii™

– programul ofera un instrument precis si sistematic de abordare a schimbarilor

– este dedicat managerilor care conduc procese de schimbare si vor un impact maxim

– lanseaza o perspectiva diferita: cum influentam oamenii implicati in schimbare astfel incat sa avem un nivel de implicare si sustinere cat mai mare?

– este un program sub licenta Ken Blanchard Companies

– livrez cursul in romana sau engleza, de peste 5 ani



Maria Dinulescu
Maria Dinulescu Actrita
Inteligent, natural, autentic! Ma bucur ca am cunoscut un om viu!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Bogdan P.
Bogdan P. Senior Trainer
 Lucrez cu Rares de 4 ani, indeajuns timp incat sa ma conving de calitatile lui: creativ, curios, pasionat de nou si de cunoastere. E un auto-didact care reuseste sa transmita cu pasiune si sa inspire valorile lui atat celor din jur, cat si participantilor din salile de curs. Il recomand calduros ca trainer, date fiind calitatile de a inspira si a impinge catre actiune si schimbare comportamentala. Cred ca premiul de “Best Trainer” de la Gala Business-Edu Awards 2007 este unul meritat, care nu a surprins ci doar a confirmat valoarea adaugata pe care o poate aduce.
Radu O. Department Manager
I had the pleasure to work with Rares on several soft skills training projects (Human Invest is one of our training providers). Rares is a very commited person, very passionate about what he does and invests a lot of effort to achieve the best result. I particularly enjoyed his ability to make the learning experience fun, along with the professional approach.
Nadia B.
Nadia B. HR Manager
 I worked with Rares on several occasions in my previous company (Henkel) and I was more than pleased about the work he performed. The trainings he delivered were very good and the feedback from the participants was also excellent. I recommend Rares for management/leadership trainings and coaching and not only. I can say he is one of my favorite training suppliers.
Ionut C.
Ionut C. License Contracts Manager
 I have had Rares as trainer for Situational Leadership course and was very impressed with the open minded approach, great pace and professionalism in delivering the training. I also believe that his coaching style would help anyone who is willing to improve or just wishes to see another angle in life or business. I think that he is one of the best trainers I have seen in my career so far.
Maria C. Regional Contracts Manager
 I enjoyed having Rares as trainer for Situational Leadership. I was impressed by his professionalism, quality of information delivered during the training, coaching style in how to approach a situation. He is one of the best trainers I met in my carreer.
Ciprian T.
Ciprian T. CEO
 Rares is my definition of a Trainer: straight to the point, solid expertise and an incredible ease of communicating with everybody. I highly recommend Rares as a Master Trainer and Manager.
Elena G. Managing Partner
 I started the collaboration with Rares in 2000. Since then we worked together in many programs, and he always delivered the most appropriate training customized to our team. So I recommend Rares only if you want a Professional to work with.
Madi R.
Madi R. Managing Partner
Rares is a person that simply is growing and matturing from inside: a good seed to plant and to develop. We had an excellent collaboration during his early career as a trainer and Rares confirmed all the investments and became a trully professional consultant and trainer. What brings Rares’s succes is the passion he works with and I am proud to have him as a friend.

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