Masterclass: Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Date: January 20th, 2021
Time: 1-4 PM CET / 2-5 PM EEST / 3-6 PM GST
Where: Live virtual on Zoom (link to be provided upon registration)


What you will get by participating:
  • 3 hour virtual live masterclass
  • Two coaches and consultants with 45 and 24 years of experience
  • Learn about the 4 dimensions, 3 habits and 3 focus areas of virtual team meetings
  • Listen to practical examples
  • Q&A throughout the whole session

Learn about the 4 dimensions that are completely different in the virtual team meetings in these times. Understand why virtual teams are less hierarchical, work at a higher speed, team members have more accountability and require less control.

Understand the 3 habits that managers leading virtual meetings tend to have and affect their team meeting performance. Understand how polarization happens and how to avoid it, why do-it-all mentality is not good for any meeting and how to avoid the “hostage” situations in meeting.

Discover the 3 focus areas in a virtual team meeting. Learn how to manage the virtual team energy in an effective way, how to manage people during the meeting without you controlling everything and how to make sure your meetings are taking less time with superior results.