This is not a recession

Steve Yastrow, un consultant destept care lucreaza cu Tom Peters, zice despre criza actuala:

Don’t think of our current economic crisis as a recession. Instead, think of it as a recalibration.

Everything is different now.

If you think of it as a recession, you may be tempted to “hunker down” and wait for the economy to cycle back.

If you think of it as a recalibration, you will be motivated to focus on what you have to do differently, since everything is different now.

The way your business generates results is different, now.

Your customers think differently, now.
Your customers care about different things, now.
Your customers act differently, now.
Your customers may actually be different people, now.
Customers aren’t disposable anymore; more than ever, you have to create sustainable customer relationships.
Everything is different now.

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